Office Suites

The Brentano Suite’s North London serviced offices have all different sized suites to cater for all requirements with flexible prices and letting periods. Each company is unique within The Brentano Suite and everyone is treated individually. We assess what your needs might be and then we come up with the best solution to meet these and to exceed your expectations in terms of what you may expect from a luxury serviced office.

There are always possibilities to upsize your business as you grow, and we will always try our best to accommodate any requests and needs. We take pride in seeing your business flourish and expand within our office.

Please see the specific location service pages for more information on our serviced offices.



As the first tenant at The Brentano Suite Finchley, I received the royal treatment and chose the office that best suited my needs. Settling into the new environment went very smoothly with Sandra Wilson there to organise every step.

I am the secretary of the Remploy pension scheme and I have worked for Remploy since 1972. Our company has employed disabled people across the country since 1945. We are going through major changes in the way we provide jobs for disabled people and my worksite was due to close.

As I live in Finchley, an office close to home was ideal. The Brentano Suite offers all the facilities I need, with a friendly and helpful team. At a push I can walk to work – 40 years of enduring the North Circular is a receding memory.

I’m looking forward to meeting my co-tenants and to pointing out the local coffee shops and restaurants.