Area Guide: Hampstead Garden Suburb

Area Guide: Hampstead Garden Suburb

Located in the North West of London next to Golders Green and East Finchley, Hampstead Garden Suburb is an area that is filled with stunning parks, cosy cafés, and beautiful housing. The area is also well-connected to the rest of London, being close to two underground stations, and is home to a range of schools and colleges.

Aside from its host of different amenities, Hampstead Garden Suburb is also rich in its history, being the product of Dame Henrietta Barnett’s vision to provide good-quality housing to those of the working class.

After Henrietta married her husband, Canon Samuel Barnett, the two moved to Whitechapel to try and improve the lives of those in poverty. Whilst the couple worked in Whitechapel, they also had St. Jude’s, a weekend cottage in Hampstead. In 1900, the green areas that surrounded St. Jude in Hampstead were at risk of building development projects. In order to protect the area, and to further develop a suburb for those of the working class, Henrietta purchased 323 acres of land within the surrounding area.

After purchasing the land, Henrietta then got to work creating a suburb with a whole host of different facilities. The area was also built to be inclusive to everyone’s needs, whether rich, poor, old, young, handicapped or otherwise.

Today, Hampstead Garden Suburb is a thriving area of North West London, with a stunning array of houses and green spaces that offer a break away from the industrial busyness of the city centre.

Eating in Hampstead Garden Suburb

Hampstead Garden Suburb is home to many fantastic cafes and restaurants, ranging from casual bites to formal sit-down meals, many of which are located right next to the area of Northway Gardens. Many of these eateries are highly rated by review sites, and can cater to a range of different dietary requirement, including vegetarians, vegans and kosher:

Toulous (4.2 Google Reviews) – An independent eatery with all-day dining, Toulous serves breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes. They serve a list of high-quality goods from expertly made coffee and freshly squeezed juices to handmade breads and wraps.

Sherrards (3.9 Google Reviews) – Established in Hampstead Garden Suburb in 1952 as a family run bakery and café, Sherrards serves an array of tasty baked goods alongside sandwiches, baguettes and hot snacks. Many of the bakery’s items can be had either to take away or to sit in.

Koymen Smokehouse (4.8 Google Reviews) – Branded as “the only kosher smokehouse”, Koymen Smokehouse serves a variety of different soups, starters, sides and desserts as well as its kosher steaks and smokes. The restaurant has received excellent reviews for its dishes.

Toprak Ocakbasi (4.4 Google Reviews) – Toprak Ocakbasi serves a variety of different Turkish dishes for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant also has options for vegans and vegetarians, with a whole section of the menu dedicated to vegetarian dishes.

Coffee Temptations (4.7 Google Reviews) – Coffee Temptations is a Mediterranean café and grill, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, with vegetarian and vegan options available. The café also offers award-winning products supplied by the renowned Caffe Vergnano 1882.

Nightlife in Hampstead Garden Suburb

Hampstead Garden Suburb is surrounded by a variety of places to get a drink, including the Wallace Bar, The Old Bull & Bush, The Refectory and many others.

The two underground stations located near Hampstead Garden Suburb also run on the Underground’s Northern Line, (Golders Green and East Finchley). This line is open all 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays, offering those in the area access to the city centre, and all of its renowned bars, pubs and clubs. It therefore is also well-catered to shift workers and those who may work unsociable hours, such as doctors, nurses, emergency service workers and others.

Living in Hampstead Garden Suburb

Hampstead Garden Suburb has a host of different qualities that make it a prime location to live in. The area holds many beautifully designed period properties, green spaces and numerous parks and gardens, all with a range of different facilities for both children and adults to enjoy. In Lyttleton Playing Fields, one of the many open spaces that Hampstead Garden Suburb offers for example, Keren’s Nursery and café is found, which has both an Ofsted rated outstanding nursery and a café for all to enjoy.

Extending partly into the area of Hampstead Garden Suburb, Hampstead Heath is one of the most well-known open spaces in London. Within it, locals and visitors can enjoy the playgrounds, make the most of their sporting areas, and enjoy long walks through the heath’s beautiful landscape. Within the heath are also a few cosy cafes serving teas, coffees and food.

As well as having access to Hampstead Heath, Hampstead Garden Suburb is also host to two golf clubs, and is home to the previously mentioned Northway Gardens, where the Mutton Brook runs through. Hampstead Garden Suburb is also home to a variety of different schools and you will also find both unserviced and serviced offices in Hampstead Garden Suburb. There are also various schools for primary to secondary and sixth form levels. There are also numerous different supermarkets and local food stores scattered around the area.

According to Foxtons, the average property price in Hampstead Garden Suburb is £1,463,768. This is 146.4% above London’s average of £593,966. The average rental price within the area is also higher than the London average, being £1,191 per week compared to the average £764.

Transport in Hampstead Garden Suburb

For those community either into or out of the area for work, Hampstead Garden Suburb is close to two underground tube stations, these being Golders Green and East Finchley. Both stations run on the Northern Line, which has connections to a variety of different central working areas within the city. There are also many different bus stations located throughout the area.

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