How To Adapt To A Hybrid Working Model 

Hybrid Office

How To Adapt To A Hybrid Working Model 

Hybrid Working is a flexible approach that allows employees to split their time between working in the office and working from home. So, what are the benefits of a Hybrid Office for employees and how can business owners adapt their own office to this working model?


The Benefit Of A Hybrid Office


Flexible working has become a sought after item for staff in full-time employment, with most employees expecting to work remotely at least three times per week.

By providing an emphasis on better work-life balance, reducing the commuters cost and desire for a greater ability to focus with fewer distractions, staff productivity and motivation levels have shown to increase from a working from home environment following the pandemic. 

A hybrid compromise will provide a collaboration-focused office environment, ensuring that human connection, knowledge sharing and staff interaction are still maintained. 


How To Adapt Your Office To Hybrid Working


In order for any type of Hybrid Office to be introduced, business owners should ensure they spend time implementing measures to be successful.


 1. Define The Policy


 The exact formula of a Hybrid Office will look different for each company. Some business owners might introduce a flexible system with more freedom for their employees, whilst other organisations could look at dedicated days for their staff to work remotely. Communicating this system clearly to your employees will allow for a smooth adaptation to a hybrid working environment.


 2. Provide The Technology


It’s not just about making sure your staff have access to a work laptop or mobile, it’s essential to provide them with the means to collaborate and communicate without needing to be in the office. Embracing the best applications, tools and technology will allow for teams to thrive in a Hybrid working environment.


3. Adapt The Workspace


There will still need to be a suitable environment for staff to remain productive, but with more team members working remotely, a Hybrid Office requires fewer desks and a smaller sized space. Business owners may look to downsize to a fully serviced location with flexible office sizes.


4. Stay Connected


Company culture is an important factor in any successful business and many employees often won’t cross paths in a hybrid office due to their schedule. Ensuring regular social opportunities for your staff will build togetherness in your teams, providing important human connection and interaction to result in a positive company culture.


The Brentano Suite

The Brentano Suite provides serviced office solutions across North London and Hertfordshire. Our offices come with access to meeting rooms and flexible layouts suitable to businesses looking to implement hybrid working.

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