Key Benefits Of A Serviced Office

Key Benefits Of A Serviced Office

Key Benefits Of A Serviced Office

Serviced Office spaces provide companies of all sizes in varying industries with a productive environment for business owners to carry out their day to day operations. Fast becoming a popular choice amongst leaders of many modern organisations, we look at some of the key benefits of a Serviced Office below:


1. Flexible Serviced Office Leasing Options 


Running a business is often challenging and unpredictable. Many modern business owners don’t want to commit to multi-year leasing agreements. Alternatively, they choose to locate themselves in Serviced Offices that provide short-term rental or license options, usually on 12 months contracts.

Serviced Offices provide the opportunity to upgrade and change your office size as your company scales, making them a perfect fit for startups and growing companies.


2. Cost Effective


Building maintenance, utilities and service charge are all included in the monthly rental price, making Serviced Offices affordable to businesses both large and small. Serviced Offices provide every tenant with a fully furnished suite and amenities such as luxury meeting rooms, wifi, and complimentary coffee stations. This makes Serviced Offices an extremely cost effective working environment.


3. Speed of Set Up

Serviced Offices are fully furnished, with equipment such as desks, chairs and shelves include in every suite. Broadband and wifi connection are accessible as soon as your contract is signed, allowing you to settle into your new office space quickly and efficiently with little down time.

There is virtually zero set up cost involved, saving your business valuable time and money to reinvest into your business.

4. Additional Services


Bookable meeting rooms, manned reception areas and kitchenettes with complimentary coffee. There are plenty of perks that make Serviced Offices an enticing option.


5. Customer Service


Depending which Serviced Office company you choose, customer service teams are there to help you settle into your new office and assist wherever possible as your business grows. Receptionists will greet your guests, manage your post and provide hospitality in your meetings wherever possible. In-house technology and maintenance teams work around the clock to make sure the office buildings are operating to high quality standards, and are on call to fix any issues that may occur. 

Maintaining an office can be very time-consuming, so having friendly staff available to relieve you of tedious issues comes in handy when running a business.


6. Serviced Office Location


Serviced Offices are located in key business areas, including local high streets and city centres. They are close to good transport links and often with car parking facility close by, making them easily accessible for your staff and clients.


The Brentano Suite operates a number of luxury Serviced Office spaces in local neighbourhoods of North London and Hertfordshire. For more details on our locations and meeting rooms click here.


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