London Offices: How COVID-19 Has Changed Attitudes To The Workplace

London Offices: How COVID-19 Has Changed Attitudes To The Workplace

As the dust of 2020 settles, companies are starting to look at the future of their workspaces. Are large, central London offices still the optimal work environment? Is it better to downsize, move to fully-remote working, or scale office activity back up to pre-covid levels?


Creating cohesion in hybrid working


Research by McKinsey surveyed 800 corporate executives worldwide. They found that 38% expect their employees to work remotely for two or more days per week after the pandemic. However, the most recent survey results saw this figure drop to 19% when asked about remote working three or more days per week.

This suggests that hybrid working is a priority for many. To do this effectively, employees need to feel connected and stay productive. Downsizing to a smaller office space allows teams to come together as often as they need, without leaving empty desks and unused space. 

Hybrid working also means that travelling to the office several days per week becomes a welcome change of scenery, fuelling productivity rather than feeling like a daily chore. 


Economising time and money


Choosing to move or downsize to a local office creates opportunities for working closer to home. Moving out of central headquarters to local London office spaces means business owners and employees can spend more time with families, save on commuting costs, and even sign shorter workspace contracts.

According to the National Infrastructure Strategy, a rise in homeworking may contribute to the local economy and create local hubs. It doesn’t seem like a stretch to imagine that moving out of centralised workspaces into smaller, local offices could have this effect too.

At The Brentano Suite, we aim to provide the best experience for our North London office tenants. We cater to your way of working. We provide everything you need to get you up and running in your brand new space straight away.


Creating flexibility in London offices


If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that flexibility keeps businesses running. After an entire year of adapting, optimizing new processes, and finding creative solutions, imposing rigid working restrictions might come as a shock to employees.

Flexibility needs to come from everyone involved, from managers to office space providers. Companies working with new hybrid models might need to adapt and change their working environment. Whether they need to scale up or down, office spaces should accommodate tenants’ needs.


The Brentano Suite – Local serviced offices in North London


At The Brentano Suite, we’re here to help you return to the office safely and happily. We have four locations across North London, with fully furnished spaces and meeting rooms ready for new tenants.

We’ve created suites of varying sizes to accommodate companies with differing needs. We’re happy to help you design the right space for your teams. To find out more about what we offer, please see our introductory video or send us a message.


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