Meet a Tenant: Gailarde Limited’s Family-Driven Growth and Sustainable Success

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Meet a Tenant: Gailarde Limited’s Family-Driven Growth and Sustainable Success

​​As a family business with a journey spanning over four decades, Gailarde’s story is one of growth and adaptation. Jonny Levy shares insights into the company’s journey, working with family and their exciting plans for the future.

Can You Start By Introducing Yourself And Your Company?


Sure, I’m the Managing Director of Gailarde. We are a family business that was founded 45 years ago by my father-in-law. The business has experienced significant growth over the years. I joined the business almost three years ago, shifting from a legal background to a leadership role.

Your Core Business is in Wholesale Textile Supply, Correct?


Our core business is the supply of textiles, homeware, soft furnishings and furniture to the hospitality, education and healthcare sectors. We’re proud to be an approved supplier to the NHS. In recent years, we’ve also expanded into the direct to consumer market with three e-commerce retail brands.



It Seems Like You Have A Substantial Team. How Many Employees Do You Have?


We currently employ about 70 people across the business; that’s a mix of office staff, salespeople and warehouse personnel. In November 2022 our Head Office team moved into The Brentano Suite, whilst our warehouse team moved into our state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution centre in Cambridgeshire.    


How Has It Been Working Within A Family Business? I’m Sure It Has Its Challenges!


My background was in law for over 20 years, so transitioning into a more commercial role within the family business was a change. I now work alongside my two brothers-in-law, Ben and Dan, who serve as joint CEOs, as well as my father-in-law, Richard. We all get along really well, and having different perspectives within the family is very beneficial. We often have multiple opinions on issues, which leads to productive discussions and better decision-making. Overall, it’s been a great experience.


What Is It That Sets Gailarde Apart From Others In Your Industry?


We are a true family business, and the close-knit atmosphere extends to our employees, some of whom have been with us for decades. Sustainability is another area where we excel; we recently achieved a gold rating from EcoVadis, placing us in the top 5% of businesses in Europe in terms of sustainability.


Amazing! What Made You Decide To Move To The Brentano Suite?


We were previously based in Borehamwood and found ourselves outgrowing the space. Rent was rocketing and we needed to do something different, so we made the difficult decision to split up our warehouse from the office.

We wanted an office that reflected a more professional approach as the business grew. After looking at three or four different options in the area, The Brentano Suite was almost a no-brainer.


What Has Been The Biggest Difference Between The Brentano Suite And Your Previous Office?


The most significant difference is the increased level of professionalism. Our previous office space was fine but required a lot of regular maintenance. Here, everything is smart, neat, and tidy, creating a pleasant work environment. Additionally, the opportunity to interact with fellow tenants and use shared spaces like the kitchens adds to the overall experience.


That’s Great! What’s Next For Gailarde Limited?


In addition to growing our wholesale business, we’re excited to grow in the e-commerce space. We now have three online brands: which supplies bedroom, bathroom and kitchen starter packs to students;, which sells luxury home textiles to consumers; and our latest addition, selling crafting kits.


To find out more about Gailarde, head to their website here


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