Meet A Tenant: Private Medical Health Ltd

Private Medical Health

Meet A Tenant: Private Medical Health Ltd

Less than 6 months ago, Private Medical Health Ltd struggled to find an office they were proud to call home. Now, founder David Levy is happier than ever with his small team based at the Brentano Suite in Elstree.

We sat down with David to chat about his business to date, his motivations for moving to the Brentano Suite and what the future holds for Private Medical Health Ltd.


Can You Tell Us A Little Bit About Private Medical Health?


As an independent Private Medical Insurance Broker, I advise Companies and Individuals on the best options for their private health insurance, which can typically be an overwhelming and confusing marketplace! It’s just myself and an admin support staff at the moment. We are FCA regulated advisors and we currently look after approximately 550 clients from Individuals to SMEs and Corporates.


That Sounds Exciting! What Do You Think Makes Your Company Unique?


What makes this business unique is our ethos and the importance we place on making all business personal. For me it’s not just about the sales, it’s always about the client. I approach all of our client relationships with passion and a personal touch. The business is built on diligence, honesty, and great advice, all done with a smile on our faces. That’s one of the reasons why The Brentano Suite is a great fit for the business, as the staff are focused on delivering great customer service too.


That’s Great To Hear! How Have Your Previous Places Of Work Been Compared To Working From The Brentano Suite?


When I started the business almost 7 years ago, I mostly worked from home. I realised I needed an office space as I was hiring a member of staff and wanted to separate my family life. Also operating a business from my home brought about difficulties with giving out my home address in a professional setting. I had a virtual office and post code in the city, but it wasn’t the most efficient.

After speaking to a couple of friends I came to The Brentano Suite and met with Jill and Suzie, the receptionists. Immediately I thought it was great and the rest is history. The receptionists really look after us by taking care of all postal services. We can access the office late into the evening and can come in on the weekend if we need to. They offer boardrooms to us for meetings and provide tea and coffee when clients or providers come in. Overall, the service you get is just fantastic, it’s like being at a 5-star hotel! 


That’s Amazing! Do You See Yourself Staying Here At The Brentano Suite Long-Term?


Definitely. The Brentano Suite gives me everything I’ll ever need as my business grows and I don’t think I’ll find anything better in the area.

I always said if I ever get an office, I want it to be local to me with parking. It’s so easy to get started and set up here. The ease of plug and play is great regarding connectivity.


So, What’s Next For Private Medical Health Ltd?


We have recently been authorised as an FCA regulated business so we’re now looking to see what growth opportunities arise from this. If we require additional hires, we will do this with the Brentano Suite by our side, thanks to the various sizes of office suites on offer here.


Read more about Private Medical Health Ltd get in touch with David here. 

To find out more about how The Brentano Suite can help your business to thrive, have a look at our video tour.





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