The Digital Shift and How We Can Help

Digital Shift and How We Can Help

The Digital Shift and How We Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has fast tracked the importance of businesses going digital in a modern workplace. During the nationwide lockdown, many organisations have adapted to a way of working online and overcome the technological challenges that came with it. As companies open up again and people go back to work, there is a clear shift from traditional methods to working in a digital environment that some business owners may find difficult to navigate. 

Here are few ways that The Brentano Suite can help:


1. Board & Meeting Rooms


Traditional face-to-face job interviews and executive meetings are now widely encouraged to take place online, with digital meeting platforms such as Zoom and Google Meetings being easily accessible, simple and effective. Having a dedicated meeting room to take calls is important to maintain privacy, offering a quiet environment away from your desk, that allows you to focus with no distractions. At The Brentano Suite we have a number of luxurious meeting rooms, all with high quality digital equipment such as LCD screens and projection capabilities, as well as a dedicated reception team to ensure quality hospitality and maintenance. 


2. Virtual Offices


Our Virtual Office solution is a great way to ensure your business stays professional and efficient when working remotely in a digital age. A Brentano Suite Virtual Office includes a local business address with a dedicated business line for phone call forwarding, post and parcel management and favourable pricing allowing you to use our luxurious meeting rooms at a fraction of the cost. 


3. Varied Office Sizes


A digital shift means that more employees are working remotely than ever, so many business owners are looking for alternatives to co-working and large open plan office spaces. The Brentano Suite has a number of local business centres with suites in various sizes to suit all businesses, allowing you to stay cost efficient as your company grows.


4. High Speed Broadband Connection and Wifi


The most important thing in a digital world is access to a speedy network. Every office at The Brentano Suite comes with high speed broadband connection and private wifi access, to ensure that you are able to browse and connect with ease. Our in-house team of technicians are always on call to solve any problems and they carry out regular monthly fiber optic checks to make sure your business stays online 24/7.  


The Brentano Suite operates a number of luxury serviced office spaces in local neighbourhoods of North London and Hertfordshire. For more details on our locations and meeting rooms click here.


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