The Satellite Office: Is Working Locally Better?

Satellite Office

The Satellite Office: Is Working Locally Better?

The Satellite Office: Is Working Locally Better?

 A satellite office is a space separate from the main office. It works like a regional branch, allowing employees to work locally or in a strategic location. So, what are the benefits of a satellite office and how does a company know if it’s the right choice for them?


Flexible Working in 2022

The way we work continues to adapt and change but one major theme that seems to be here to stay is “flexibility”.

For two-thirds of UK workers in full-time employment, what they want from the balance between work and home has changed since the pandemic began.

A recent article published by the BBC explains how recent changes are reflected in companies around the world. For example, Iceland is experimenting with four-day work weeks, while Spain is expected to trial a 32-hour work week this year.

 It’s not just working hours that are changing, either. The rise in hybrid and flexible working patterns has companies reassessing where their employees work on a long-term basis. This is where satellite offices come in.


Satellite Office Benefits

Work from home may have taken over for part of the working week but many of us are back in the office at least some of the time. In the last week of November 2021, seven in ten travelled to work at least once.

Having a satellite office can mean companies stay flexible as working patterns continue to shift. It can help with finding the balance between in-person work, hybrid options, and remote policies but that’s not all…


Reduce The Commute

The benefits of a small commute extend far beyond the idea of employees arriving on time. A study in collaboration with the University of Cambridge found that those who commuted for less than half an hour gained an additional seven days’ worth of productivity time each year compared with those who commuted over an hour.

Opening a satellite office close to where your employees live allows them to maintain a good work-life balance, whether that’s spending longer with family, giving them time to exercise, or more.


Grow Your Business

For growing businesses, scaling up can be an uncertain time. Exactly how many new employees do you expect to take on over the next few months, and where should they fit into the office?

By opening a satellite office, teams can grow at the rate you need without disruption to the central office. What’s more, flexible and serviced office suites can often accommodate quick changes in staffing numbers so that you can continue to focus on your day-to-day.


Create a Connection to Locals

Many of us now support local businesses. Last year, almost two-thirds of people in Britain started to shop closer to home. Clearly, our local area is as important to us as ever.

Having a nearby office can help to create a connection to the area, showing customers and partners you care about and are a part of the local community.


The Brentano Suite – Service Offices in North London

We offer serviced office suites across four locations in North London and Hertfordshire. Our offices come with access to meeting rooms, mail handling, a local phone number, and flexible layouts. The Brentano Suite team is on hand to help.

Please get in touch to find out more or head to our latest news section to hear from our tenants.


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