Why You Need a Virtual Office for Your Online Business

Why You Need a Virtual Office for Your Online Business

Do you run an online business? A virtual office could be the key to success.

It’s no secret that we’ve adapted quickly to online business. According to McKinsey, the adoption of digital technologies has taken a “quantum leap” over the past couple of years, and it looks like those changes are here to stay.

Internet sales continue to rise  year on year, and 24% of trading UK businesses state that they intend to use increased homeworking going forward. With all this online activity, businesses need to keep functioning effectively. That’s where virtual office services come in, supporting companies that work remotely.


What is a virtual office?


A virtual office encompasses a range of services to help businesses fulfil their potential when they don’t have an office space. The company can establish a physical presence through mail handling, phone calls, and more, without losing its remote working style.

At The Brentano Suite, we offer the following:

  • Mail Handling
  • Business address at Brentano House with an allocated suite number where your post is collected or forwarded to you
  • Local phone number diverted to the number of your choice
  • Favourable pricing for meeting rooms and other services.


Benefits of virtual office services for online companies


1. Credibility


A business address isn’t just somewhere you can receive letters. Your registered company address is what people see when they look you up. For an online company, having a local, professional office address helps boost credibility and creates an impression of stability; your clients can put their trust in you.


2. Call forwarding and mail handling


With a landline number included in the virtual office package, your clients, partners, and investors will have a dedicated, local number to reach you on. We can forward this line to a number of your choice. What’s more, we can collect or forward any mail for you.


3. Cost efficiency


Running an online business usually means low overheads. By using a virtual office, you minimise ongoing costs and pay for services that will benefit your business over time. If you’re unsure whether you need a virtual office or a serviced office suite, have a look at what we offer.


4. Meeting room access


Even fully online companies need to meet in person from time to time, whether it’s for a planning session, quarterly meeting, or to discuss opportunities. For virtual tenants, this doesn’t mean resorting to a crowded café or an overpriced function room.

At The Brentano Suite, our virtual tenants are treated to favourable rates on meeting rooms, so you can organise your diary without the stress.


Virtual offices at The Brentano Suite


The past couple of years have shown the potential of flexible solutions. Whether you run an online business, hybrid team, or in-person operation, we can help you find the right office solution. To get started, please watch our office tours or get in touch to chat about what you need.



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