Working Locally vs Working from City Centre

Working Locally vs Working City Centre

Working Locally vs Working from City Centre

With approximately 300 million square foot of office space spread over multiple industry districts, Greater London was traditionally a place in high demand for businesses looking to set up their daily place of work. However, the hustle and bustle of central London might not be as appealing as it once was, with many people starting to see the advantages of working locally.

Finding an office space that is in a local area close to your home, is seen by many as a positive solution when searching for a dedicated working environment to grow your business.

Here are five reasons why:


1. Commute


The daily commute is commonly described as the part of the day that city workers dread the most. One’s morning rush can typically consist of alarm snoozing and coffee spills, with overcrowded tube and bus journeys after work being just as stressful. London’s daily commute averages at 74 minutes, significantly higher compared to the global city commute average of just 40 minutes. With this in mind, avoiding the lengthy trips to and from town can save almost 148 minutes per day, freeing up precious hours to focus on growing your business or spending extra time away from work with your family.


2. Safety


Just like any city centre, London’s streets and public transport networks are busy places and the large concentration of people makes social distancing a difficult operation. As more people begin to go back to work and the footfall of central London begins to increase again, working locally at an office just a short drive or cycle from your home is a great option for a safer commute. 


3. Cost Efficiency


One of the biggest benefits of working locally is the cost efficiency. Not only is there a significant cost difference in the price per square foot of office space, but there are also large savings to be made from the reduced cost of travel. Food and beverages are significantly less expensive in local areas than in central London. Tenants are often able to choose from a great variety of local cafes and restaurants, or simply head home on their lunch break as they live just around the corner. At The Brentano Suite, we offer unlimited complimentary tea and coffee to all of our tenants.


4. Family


Working locally allows you to be closer to those who depend on you. The flexibility of working from an office in your local neighbourhood allows you to spend more time with your family, meaning you can pick up the kids from school, ensure you don’t miss another parents evening, and be on call to let the plumber in to fix the boiler!


5. Social Responsibility


By having an office space nearby your area of residence, you play an instrumental part in being a socially responsible neighbour and giving back to the local community. Here at The Brentano Suite, our centres are perfectly situated nearby shops, restaurants and town high streets, making it easy and simple to interact and support local businesses. 


The Brentano Suite operates a number of luxury serviced office spaces in local neighbourhoods of North London and Hertfordshire. For more details on our locations and meeting rooms click here.


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