Meet A Tenant: How Care Solutions Group Are Supporting New Care Businesses

Care Solutions Group

Meet A Tenant: How Care Solutions Group Are Supporting New Care Businesses

We recently sat down with Gillian, founder of Care Solutions Group Limited. Drawing on over 30 years of experience in the care industry, Gillian and her team offer unique and individualised support to new businesses, helping them successfully navigate lengthy regulatory requirements and compliance standards.


Can You Tell Us A Little More About Care Solutions Group And How You First Started?


We provide regulatory support services for anyone looking to open their own care-related business. We started the business from home almost three years ago and currently help approximately 350 clients with all the administrative aspects of their registration journey, governance structure, and coaching support. 


That’s Great! What Types Of Businesses Do You Work With?


We mainly support primary and secondary care providers, such as medical practices, beauty clinics, and have a large portfolio of clients within the health and social care sector. Our goal is to help our clients understand industry requirements and ensure they meet compliance standards. We help get them set up and also offer ongoing compliance support.


What Would You Say Sets Your Company Apart From Others? 


What makes this business unique is our person-centered approach and the importance we place on supporting each client successfully through their journey. We work closely with every client to ensure their application is bespoke to their business, which is essential to pass regulatory requirements.


Can You Tell Us About Your Office Space And What It’s Like To Work At The Brentano Suite?


The Brentano Suite provides all the support that I need to operate my business. It offers a nice, peaceful environment, and when my clients come to visit, I feel proud to welcome them there. The place has a classy feel, and the receptionists always make my guests feel welcome.

There are only two of us based in the office, but being at The Brentano Suite feels like I am part of something bigger. 

Also, my son’s school is located nearby, which makes it very convenient for me. This was the main reason why I chose the Brentano Suites in the first place.


So, What’s Next For Care Solutions Group Ltd?


We’re looking to expand the business this year by branching into Ofsted registrations to support providers with Children’s Home Registrations. We are also in the process of adding fit outs and interior design services as a major part of our brand.

As we plan to take on a new consultant and a part-time admin for the office to manage the growing workload, we may need to upgrade our office space.


To find out more about Care Solutions Group, head to their website here.

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